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Trivia and Karaoke in Bellingham

It's Triviaoke!

PortaPixie Events offers trivia and karaoke for Bellingham, WA restaurants and pizzerias. Family friendly!

Bring Trivia and Karaoke To Your Establishment

We offer weekday family-friendly Triviaoke, a combination of trivia and karaoke for Bellingham, WA restaurants and pizzerias. Try them both, or as separate services.


Create a fun atmosphere at your establishment with family-friendly trivia. Music and DJ host included.


Bring music and fun to your restaurant with family-friendly karaoke services. It’s time to sing!

Trivia and Karaoke in Bellingham, WA

Family-Friendly Trivia and Karaoke

Bring additional customers to your business during slower weekdays such as Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Trivia and Karaoke with PortaPixie Events, restaurants in Bellingham, WA


Trivia and karaoke nights can attract a new customer base and encourage existing customers to visit more frequently. A great opportunity for local Bellingham, Washington pizzerias.

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Engaging events like trivia and karaoke can encourage customers to stay longer, leading to increased spending on food and beverages. Furthermore, satisfied customers are more likely to return for future events or regular visits.

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Family-Friendly Breweries

Trivia and karaoke events can be tailored to suit different age groups, demographics, and cultural preferences. This adaptability allows businesses to experiment and find the right mix for their target audience.

Family friendly Trivia and Karaoke with PortaPixie, restaurants in Bellingham, WA

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PortaPixie Events offers entertainment services including DJ/MC, photo booths, and videography.