PortaPixie Backdrops

All our Photo Booth backdrops are premium

Mr. Selfie Backdrops

When you book with PortaPixie, we supply you with a white backdrop with every package. Our premium backdrops are also available as an affordable add-on. (Mr. Selfie packages) You can choose from our 7 foot round tension fabric, or our 8 foot tension square backdrops.

Orbit Booth

Our Orbit 360 Video Booth has an add-on enclosure available. Otherwise, your venue location can act as a background.

Barney Booth (Coming Soon)

Our upcoming Barney Booth is perfect for rustic, barn-style weddings and events. We recommend a backdrop that fits the style of your venue surroundings. More information our available Barney Booth backdrops coming soon.

Tension Round Backdrops - 7 Feet

These premium photo booth backdrops can be used for our Mr. Selfie and our Barney Booth.

(*We have more available! This is a small example gallery.)

photo booth backdrops
background glitter backdrop
background glitter gold
background foilage
background flowers
, background flowers white
background flowers multi
background flowers_red
background white flower

Tension Square Backdrops
- 8 x 8 Feet

These premium backdrops can be used for our Mr. Selfie and our Barney Booth.

(*We have more available! This is a small example gallery.)

abstract background
heart background
light wall background, photo booth backdrops
rose background1
sparkle abstract background
white light background
wood abstract background

Orbit 360 video booth enclosure

Since we’re working with a 360 video perceptive, our backgrounds for the Orbit Booth is a little different. Instead of a typical photo backdrop, we offer colored RGB LED light tube enclosures. You can still use the Orbit booth without this enclosure, but if you’re looking for a more immersive 360 experience, we highly recommend it.

360 Deluxe LED Photo Booth Enclosure


360 photo booth, PortaPixie

LED Tension Fabric Backdrop Curve


half enclosure 360 booth

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PortaPixie offers affordable photo booths for weddings and special events throughout Western Washington.

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"the best photo booth"

"The best photo booth! John was very professional and was the best at communicating through the entire process! All of our pictures came out amazing! Can't wait to use him at our next event."