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Years Of Event Experience

DJ/MC, Photo Booth, & Video

I’m so happy that you found PortaPixie Events. I offer photo booth kiosks, DJ/MC services, and wedding videography. I’m located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest and I’m ready to make your wedding or event fun and exciting.

Learn More About Me

How long have you been in the wedding/event industry?

I have over 9 years experience in the wedding/event industry. I’ve worked at approximately 250 weddings and events over the years.

So you do video, DJ and photo booths!?

Yes! But not all at once. I can offer DJ/MC and a photo booth, or videography and a photo booth. But of course I can’t do both video and DJ at the same time. That would be crazy…LOL

Do you do this full time?

Yes. PortaPixie Events is my full-time business. I’m dedicated to my company and clients and look forward to talking with you soon.

What do you do for fun?

I love spending time outdoors with my 10-year old English Springer Spaniel, Lucky.

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My Focus Areas

Affordable Entertainment

I offer a variety of entertainment services for your wedding or special event. In addition to my awesome photo booth kiosk, I also offer DJ/MC services, karaoke, and wedding videography.

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Excellent Communication

Sure, you can hire the best wedding vendor, but what about the communication process? This is so important nowadays, especially when planning a wedding, special occasion, or corporate event. I’m responsive, ready to assist, and excited to be a part of your big day. I offer transparent pricing and an easy online booking process.

A Dedicated Professional

As mentioned above, PortaPixie Events is my full-time business. This is not a side job or weekend gig. I’m dedicated in making your wedding or event successful with my affordable services. I truly care about details, completing tasks, and being on time.

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PortaPixie Events offers entertainment services including DJ/MC, photo booths, and videography.