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Real Weddings Dimarya and Josh
dimarya and josh


I had the chance to DJ Dimarya and Josh's wedding on 06-14-2024 in North Bend, Washington. It was a beautiful, cool day in the rural Pacific Northwest. Congratulations to the couple and thanks for having me!

Real Weddings and Events - Dimarya and Josh

Real Weddings and Events Video Transcription:

00:00:00:00 – 00:00:11:24
I am at the beautiful venue Meadowbrook Farms near Snoqualmie, and it is Josh and Dimarya’s Wedding day.

00:00:11:24 – 00:00:38:37
And here is the couple getting married here in about 15 minutes. Congratulations to them on everything. So we have an outside deejay dance set up here. Small dance floor for later tonight. The ceremony right over there. There’s the groom, Josh. They are getting all ready…the photographer probably talking about shots and things like that.

00:00:38:37 – 00:00:42:35
We have Sidekick Coffee from Woodinville right here.

00:00:42:35 – 00:00:49:12
And then I have a smaller set up here for just the cocktail and dinner time

00:00:49:35 – 00:00:58:23
Oh, and we also has a keyboard piano player and a lot of things going on, too. There’s a lot of instruments and music today.

00:00:58:23 – 00:01:03:02
So one of our real weddings in near Snoqualmie, Washington!

00:01:03:02 – 00:01:33:10
Mr. and Mrs. Joshua and Dimarya Martin!

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